Vevcani springs, nature in Macedonia

Vevcani is situated in the southwestern Macedonia and is one of the villages in Macedonia that must be seen for its natural beauty, the water all around the village and Macedonian tradition. Vevcani people are known as skilful builders which can also be noted in the village architecture.

The village is famous for its Vevcani Carnival which celebrates St. Vasilij the Great (Sveti Vasilij Veliki). The Vevcani Carnival, which claims a 14 century long legacy, is held every year from 13 to 14 January. Recognized by the Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC), the carnival attracts thousands of both domestic and international visitors to see the people of Vevcani disguised in elaborate masks expressing humor and sarcasm. Some of the most common costumes include devils, demons and other mythical characters.

Vevcani is the village where a team of workers led by archaeologist Pasko Kuzman found Mason elements – a triangle with an eye, under a 19-20 th Century church.

The village is also famous for its inhabitants which on 7 August 1987 defied the decision of, in that time, the Yugoslavian government to redirect Vevcani streams to water-supply town Struga, Oktisi and Elen Kamen. This protests were followed with police intervention. These events led to self-acclamation of Vevcani as a Republic with its own currency and passport. On the picture bellow is an antic store in which Vevcani passport can be issued.

This antic store is in authentic house.

The water – source of the life is everywhere. We follow the river trough the village and to the beautiful strings. We are welcomed with a gate ‘We belong to the nature – not the otherwise’.

By the water, to the strings we walk on a beautiful trail.

There is neat picnic space.

The springs where water arises from the soil....

After seeing this beauty you mustn’t leave this village before you eat in one of the restaurants that prepare traditional Macedonian food. I recommend ‘Macedonian house’ (‘Makedonska kuka’) or ‘Via Ignatia’ (Via Ignacija). ‘Macedonian house’ has traditional atmosphere. In ‘Via Ignatia’ you can eat fish that is cached in front of your eye in the fishpond which surrounds the restaurant. This restaurant is in the pictures bellow.

Vevcani is 14 km far from Struga, and 30 km far from Ohrid. To get to Vevcani from Ohrid, you have to take the road to Struga (not entering the town), than through villages Vranista and Velesta. The road is asphalted and well marked. In Vevcani there are also signs to all the places that can be visited (springs, restaurants, enviroment). There is also a Tourist Information office in the middle of the village. In front of the village St. Nikola there is a map with all the places that can be seen in the village end in its near surroundings.

This village is a 'must see in Macedonia', especially if you are staying near Ohrid lake.