Berovo Lake - place for peace and tranquility

If you are looking for a place for a weekend in Macedonia where you can relax and enjoy nature in all its beauty, away from city noise and traffic jam, Berovo lake is a perfect getaway for you. This place is a synonym for peace and tranquility. It is situated in eastern Macedonia, near Bulgarian border.

Berovo can be reached from the main city of Macedonia, Skopje, through the cities Veles, Stip, Kocani and Vinica( You enter only the city of Vinica, the rest of the cities are bypassed). Berovo is 165 km far from Skopje, and 335 km far from Ohrid.

After passing the Kocani rice fields, you are welcomed with mountains, vegetation and pine forest. The region of Malesevo is also known as ‘little Switzerland’. Malesevo is full of pine and oak trees.That is why Berovo craftsmen are well known for their skill in traditional wood crafting.

Berovo Lake is 7 km far from Berovo, it is 1000 m above sea level and can be reached by car using a single asphalt road. On the way to the lake you must visit the women monastery Sv. Arhangel Mihail.

This region is characterized wit cool summer and cold winter. It has mainly rainy days, mostly in May, June and November. Because of its nice climate it is a great getaway in summer.

Because of its high concentration of oxygen, the visitors are coming to get energy for working days and to rehab. In Malesovo the natives prepare home made traditional medicaments for different diseases. Most famous is the pine syrup or pine honey, cure for the respiration disorders.
Due to the wide green meadows and the clear and unpolluted air, also famous for its taste is the white berovo cheese (‘berovsko sirenje’).

Accommodation is offered in the city of Berovo, hotel Manastir (near the Monastery St.Arhangel Mihail), in the Loven dom, in the children resort with simple cabins by the lake or in private accommodation in the villas surrounding the lake.

If you are more then 3 people, good choice are the villas, because they are rented as a hole house, not by room. My recommendation is vila Lina or Ciplakova koliba.

We were staying in vila Lina. It was with a view on the lake, neat, clean, comfort, with modern interior, internal fireplace, external barbecue, beautiful yard and big terrace. This house is vertically separated with own entrances and can be used by 2 different groups of visitors. It has capacity of 17 beds. The only problem is that is by the road which is not so bad because there is almost no traffic (at least at the beginning of June when we were there).

If you are in a mood for taditional accommodation in the country, separated from everything, surrounded only by mountains and greenery, Ciplakova koliba is the ideal place for you. It doesn’t have a lake view, but it has a breathtaking view to the green mountains.

These are the pictures from the Berovo Lake and its surrounding

The dam on the lake...

This is the restaurant of the children resort where you must have a cup of coffee surrounded by trees and lake.

The view of the restaurant terrace...

The villas surrounding the lake...

Vila Lina...

The view on the lake from the terrace of Villa Lina...

And a barbecue...

If you are staying near the lake its good to know that there is no market in the villa settlement, so you must buy everything you need in the city of Berovo.